From day one, it was plastics. Our focus was clear, steady and committed. And so it remains today.

We stayed faithful to our core competence but expanded and deepened our knowledge of plastics, incorporating the latest technological advances from across the world. Our in-house R&D strengthened our position as the market leader. Quality, Innovation & Customer Focus are the beacons that have constantly lit our path. Our products stand out for their striking designs that become attention-grabbers anywhere they go. Our meticulous attention to detail ensures that each product is user-friendly, safe and durable.

Our products stand out for their striking designs and become attention grabbers everywhere they go. The thread that connects them is world-class quality.

Sohna, Haryana

Our Vision

“To be the largest player with the most sought after products in each of the company’s product segment.”

Our Mission

“To become globally competitive in the field of plastic moulded products by pushing the frontiers of possibility with innovative and customized path-breaking solutions for diverse industries.”

The Journey Continues

  • The genesis.Aquapura Containers Limited launched, manufacturing plastic water storage tanks through the roto moulding process. Factory set up in Mewat, Haryana.

  • The company acquires OK Play, a toy company based in the UK. A sudden flood of colours and shapes enters India. The roto moulding facilities get further refined

  • The company is renamed. OK Play India Limited comes into being. Indian children and parents welcome the advent of joyful, safe, beautifully designed toys.

  • OK Play India Limited launches its IPO, which is oversubscribed. Capital raised – INR 42.50 million.

  • Further diversification into Point Of Purchase products – delivery boxes, signage systems, display stands and mannequins. Industry leaders in telecom, foods, apparel and other sectors join the client list.

  • The company makes a foray into automotive products – fuel tanks, bus seats, cabin roofs and cabin interior parts. Safe, lightweight, durable.Leading to higher fuel efficiency.

  • Exclusive retail outlets open for OK Play toys and furniture. New website makes OK Play an e-retailer.

  • Responding to the need to protect the environment, OK Play launches electric vehicles. Lightweight, yet tough enough for Indian road conditions.E-rickshaws, loaders, vending carts and garbage vans.