Revolutionizing the Gas Delivery System - OK Play Electric Vehicle

Date:- 5 Dec 2018

The market for domestic consumption of LPG gas is growing at a fast pace in India. According to an article published in the Economic Times, statistics reveal that the percentage of households with access to clean cooking gas has increased to a whopping 80% in 2018 from 56% in 2015. While that is good news for the economy and the consumers, petroleum companies and their distributors are struggling to keep up with the burgeoning demand. The distributors are still relying on inefficient modes of transportation comprising of vehicles running on fossil fuels for the last mile connectivity.

The conventional transport vehicles present some significant disadvantages such as:

  • 1. High purchasing cost – Purchasing a fleet of delivery vehicles needs a large amount of capital.
  • 2. High operational cost - the vehicles run on scarce and expensive fossil fuels
  • 3. Low operational efficiency – the vehicles have low capacity necessitating more trips
  • 4. High maintenance cost – Prone to heavy maintenance and repairs bills
  • 5. Environmental pollution- They are significant contributors to air and noise pollution
  • 6. Short service life – Need regular replacements
  • 7. Lack of stability and control- they are difficult to control when loaded with heavy cylinders on crowded and bumpy Indian roads.

All these problems ultimately result in low profitability and wastage of the gas companies’ capital resources. There is a serious need for these vehicles to be replaced with more efficient alternatives to achieve better cost and operational efficiencies.

A viable solution to this problem is to use electric vehicles (EV) manufactured by companies such as OK Play instead of the conventional delivery vans. EVs offer several advantages over traditional modes of transportation. OK Play’s well-designed EVs are strongly backed by their innovative business model Ryde. This revolutionary business concept provides their clients with the option of renting out vehicles instead of purchasing them.

Companies such as HPCL, who have partnered with OK Play, are already reaping the benefits Rryde and as a harbinger of change of the gas delivery system HPCL leverages the following advantages of Rryde:

  • 1. Hassle-free upkeep and maintenance
  • 2. 24 hour Service on Wheels
  • 3. Constant and high mileage over the entire lifespan of the vehicle
  • 4. Charging stations with battery swapping mechanism
  • 5. IoT enabled telematics for services such as OTA updates, customized analytics, vehicle history tracking, push navigation, route optimization, and much more.

OK Play EV has taken the lead in transforming the structure of Indian transportation and companies such as HPCL are paving the way for more gas distribution companies in India to follow suit.