HPCL has gone Electric with OK Play Electric Vehicles

Date:- 13 Dec 2018

HPCL is one of India’s largest Oil & Natural Gas companies and supplies LPG to Indian consumers under the brand name HP Gas. As of April 2018, according to the company’s website, they have over 69 million domestic LPG consumers catered through a network of 4,849 distributors.

In order to handle their enormous clientele, the company has decided to completely revamp their last mile delivery transportation system by replacing their existing fleet of fossil-fuel powered vehicles with the more eco-friendly and efficient electric vehicles.

Their strategic partner in this transition is OK Play Electric Vehicles, India’s largest manufacturers of custom-built electric vehicles and provider of transportation solutions for domestic and international businesses. OK Play has understood the business requirements of HPCL and has customized their electric goods carriers to suit the needs of LPG cylinder delivery on tough Indian road conditions.

The customized e rickshaw loaders also cater to the company’s branding through the stylish portrayal of their distinctive brand name, color design and logo.

The major features of OK Play Electric Vehicles are:

  • 1. They are made of engineering grade UV-stabilized plastic.
  • 2. Advanced technology such as IP 67, Voltage Adaption, Torque Control Algorithm, etc.
  • 3. Runs 50 Km on a full 2-hour charge.
  • 4. Grade ability of 25 degrees.
  • 5. Carrying capacity of 16 cylinders at one time.
  • 6. Anti-static, water and weather proof and rust, corrosion, heat and fire resistant.
  • 7. Zero air pollution and zero noise pollution

While these are definitely praise-worthy features, perhaps the biggest benefit from the partnership is Rryde, OK Play’s innovative and path-breaking solution wherein users can take an e rickshaw on rent instead of buying them. The key features of Rryde are:

  • Hassle-free upkeep and maintenance
  • 24 hour Service on Wheels – a real-time, cloud-connected service programme for complaint resolution
  • Constant and high mileage over the entire lifespan of the vehicle
  • IoT enabled telematics for services such as OTA updates, customized analytics, vehicle history tracking, push navigation, route optimization, and much more.

HPCL has now roped in several of their distributors into Rryde to start supplying LPG cylinders to their consumers. Some of the distributors who have adopted OK Play EVs into their delivery system are:

These distributors are just the starting point as more are expected to be added in the coming months. HPCL, in association with OK Play has literally transformed the gas delivery system in India and thereby paved the way for other gas delivery companies to follow the suit.