Parts & Accessories


To keep our vehicles performing at peak levels, the quality of our parts and accessories must be of the highest order. We have a team dedicated to sourcing the best from a network of reputed and capable Tier 1 vendors and dealers.

This team is also responsible for conducting regular quality audits for the parts. The skilled professionals in our monitoring team, led by the Quality Head and the Quality Management Coordinator conduct regular quality checks and keep a sharp eye for any aberrations. All spare parts covered under warranty are tagged with QR codes so they can be traced easily.

Genuine Spare Parts

In order to deal with any possibility of an unwanted or untoward part failure, and to sustain the smooth operability of our vehicles at all times; we are equipped with a dedicated team of sourcing, for replacement of any such damaged product part(s) through a network of renowned and popular tier-1 vendors and dealers.

The team is also responsible to conduct regular quality audits for the purchased product parts.

Our trusted vendors are

Warranty and Replacement

We warrant that the purchased vehicle variant is free from defect in material or workmanship subject to normal use & maintenance. Warranty given by us is subject to following terms & conditions

Warranty Period

It commences once the authorized retailer fills the details in the warranty and service booklet appended with official seal & signature. Warranty on each part of the vehicle is applicable as follows

  • Vehicle Part Name Warranty Period

  • Plastic Body 1 year
  • Metal Chassis 1 year
  • Controller 6 months
  • Differential 6 months
  • Wire Harness 6 months
  • Converter 6 months
  • Motor 6 months
  • Battery Charger* 1 year
  • Battery* 1 year
  • Speedometer* 6 months

* Servicing / Warranty shall be provided by the concerned equipment manufacturer

Warranty’s Applicability

Following documents are required to be presented before the authorized retailer to make a claim under New Vehicle Warranty

  • Original invoice issued by OK Play India Ltd.
  • Warranty and Service booklet / maintenance record.
  • Any other relevant / necessary document.

* Servicing / Warranty shall be provided by the concerned equipment manufacturer