The first glance at one of our vehicles will impress the viewer with its sleek, colourful and stylish appearance.

The sheer aesthetic appeal makes our vehicles stand out immediately among all the others. Sitting or driving in one proves the success of its ergonomic design, with thoughtful touches to maximise both safety and comfort.

ISO 14001

The other details that enhance the complete product experience come from its single-piece moulding, rounded edges, smooth surfaces and antistatic qualities. The pre-coloured virgin powder is UV stabilised, which makes the colours fade-proof.

We have put our vehicles through the most brutal crash tests, hammer tests and fire tests. We have driven them on the roughest, most potholed roads, even taken them off-road in every weather condition. We kept testing and improving them until they reached peak performance.

ISO 18001

ISO TS 16949

ISO 9001

ISO-TS 16949

Our vehicles are certified by ARAI and ICAT.