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About OK Play

Since its inception in 1988, OK Play India has passionately pursued to be a leader in plastic moulding technology.

Along with its world class product range in Toys/Education Sector and Automotive Components, OK Play joined the EV revolution in 2015 with its range of Electric Vehicles on the three wheeled platform. OK Play EV provides an end to end solution in electric mobility via L3 and L5 passenger, cargo and multi utility vehicles, targeting the B2C, B2G and B2B market segments.

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E Rickshaw

A pollution free E-Rickshaw that strengthens the first and last mile mobility ecosystem for an environment friendly future. It is a clean, safe and noiseless mode of transport.

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E Vending Cart L3

The perfect portable shop for all your business needs! Load it up with merchandise and you’re ready to sell.

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E Garbage L3

An eco-friendly vehicle that helps in garbage collection to make your surroundings cleaner. The hydraulically operated E Garbage collector can be easily maneuvered in small lanes to pick up the last spot of garbage in your neighborhood.

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E Loader L3

The electric loader is the perfect vehicle for inter and intra factory movements to transport goods for point to point deliveries. The modular design allows the half body E loaders to be converted to full body loaders with minimum changes on site.

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E Auto L5

Coming Soon.....

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Tested Succesfully

OK Play E Vehicles are duly certified by I CAT and ARAI.

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