At OK Play, we are pushing forward in our strategy to arrive at all market fragments - B2B, B2G and B2C. We are fuelled by our significant conviction that electric is the transportation answer for what's in store. Our reliance on petroleum derivatives should be decreased radically.

We conduct continuous R&D, on ground evaluations & regular client contact to upgrade and administer accordingly.Our aim is to give each client the best experience and efficiency. We are glad for the way that our vehicles produce work among certain India's neediest individuals. The basic demonstration of leasing and driving an OK Play electric vehicle can take an individual from joblessness to Financial independence. We are exceptionally confident that this model will likewise make new roads to empower women.

We have manufactured a remunerating monetary relationship with Capital First, one of India's biggest obligation supporting establishments, for our rental model funding.

We have marked MOUs with Jamshedpur Utilities and Services Company, Ashok Leyland, SuperTech, Wave Group, Shree Group and Shiv Nadar University for thorough business coalitions.

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